About Jenn Knight Smith

After 25 years, Jenn continues to pursue her passion for design.
With a love for the beauty in art...she adds a twist to her favorite themes in life... creating and sharing her wonderland through children's stories.

She is a writer, designer and mama originally from the Los Angeles area. Her most recent work is two children’s stories with a twist on perspective. She’s passionate about family, animals, work, and creativity. When she is not writing or designing for 8 Trees, she can be found out and about with her family in the area she has called home since 2006, Atlanta.

Merriam-Webster’s DEFINITION of wonderland
noun | won • der •land | wən - dər -land, -lənd\
1 :an imaginary place of delicate beauty or magical charm
2 : a place that excites admiration or wonder • a scenic wonderland
3: Jenn’s definition : A place to be your true self... this includes laughing out loud whenever possible, loving without reservations, and never giving up.