About Jenn Knight Smith

After 25 years, Jenn continues to pursue her passion for design and helping others. With a love for the beauty in art and creativity, she adds a twist to her favorite themes in life...
Creating and sharing her work thru In My Wonderland (self-published children’s books), & Sweet Clover (blog), her design and consulting through 8 Trees Studio, and her love for helping others with her platform, Q. A network designed to EMPOWER, ENCOURAGE, & INSPIRE women at any stage of life’s journey.
Jenn is an author, designer, writer, consultant, & mama originally from the Los Angeles area. She’s passionate about family, animals, her work and creativity. When she’s not working she can be found out and about with her family in the Atlanta area; home since 2006.
Merriam-Webster’s DEFINITION of wonderland
noun | won • der •land | wən - dər -land, -lənd\
1 :an imaginary place of delicate beauty or magical charm
2 : a place that excites admiration or wonder • a scenic wonderland
3: Jenn’s definition : A place to be your true self... this includes laughing out loud whenever possible, loving without reservations, and never giving up.